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Chen-tech is a contract manufacturer with 

expertise in mechanical parts production and mechanical assembly.  Established in 2007 and registered in Hong Kong, Chen-tech has two main facilities – finance and logistics center in Hong Kong and operations facility in Guangzhou, China.

Chen-tech business approach
our products

Our Products

We are expert in mechanical parts production.  We strive for precision and believe that precision depends on knowledge, experience and advanced equipment.  All the material and surface treatments we provide meet RoHS standards, and we provide necessary reports with each shipment.

Precision casting and extrusion
Sheet metal assembly
High precision CNC milling and turning parts for different applications –Optical systems, electro-optics systems, accurate motion systems, laser systems, digital printing machines, bio-medical and medical systems.
We have the capability to produce aluminum sand casting, gravity casting, die casting and aluminum extrusion as well as iron casting followed by the necessary machining processes.  
Using both stamping and sheet metal processing methods such as NC punching and laser cutting, we provide our customers cost effective solutions for both high and low volume sheet metal parts and assemblies.
Mechanical assembly
Our certified and experienced team produce variety of assemblies – mechanical, electrical and optical. Our products are often used as FRUs and delivered to end customers around the world for repair and service.
Why choose chen-tech

Why Choose CHEN-TECH?


99.64% QUALITY 
pass rate confirmed by customers


Accumulated 60 years of EXPERIENCE in precision machining




STOP SHOP! Precision machining, turning and sheet metal parts.
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Contact us
Chen-tech Challenge
Hong Kong Limited
17/F, Fortress Tower, 250 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Tel: +852-21356027
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