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Our Products

We are experts in mechanical parts fabrication. We strive for precision and believe that precisiondepends on knowledge, experience and advanced equipment.


We take advantage of our vast experience to analyze each drawing before production, and then set the most suitable production process that will insure precision, continues high quality and efficiency.


We chose to work with business partners that share our values.  All the materials and surface treatments we provide meet RoHS standards, and we provide the necessary documentation with each shipment. 

Precision machining parts

We provide high precision parts for different applications – Optics components, electro-optics systems, accurate motion systems, laser systems, digital printing machines, and bio-medical and medical systems.


We have a large variety of machining capabilities – 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machines, turn-mills, auto-turning, Swiss-type turning, manual turning and milling, internal and external grinders, surface grinding machines and lapping machines.


Once received your drawings, we will analyze it and chose the most suitable equipment and production process that will ensure high quality and efficiency.     

Machining of casting and extrusions

When the production volume is high, or a special structure is required, we may suggest our customers to use aluminum casting, aluminum extrusion or iron casting following by the necessary machining processes.


We produce the mold and tools according to your drawings. We can also help to change the part’s design from solid material to casting or extrusion considering your requirements and Chinese standards.


There are many factors we consider while designing a product based on casting or extrusion material: 

  • Walls thickness.

  • Surface quality required on the finished part surfaces.

  • Geometrical tolerances required.

  • Machining start points.

  • Parts application.

  • Material flow in the mold during casting process.


The knowledge we have gained from projects we performed over the years, enabled us to create a methodology and process for designing such parts. Following our process ensures the project success in relatively short lead time.

Sheet metal assemblies

Chen-Tech provides high quality sheet metal parts and assembly. We will choose the production process based on the quantity and mechanical requirements.


  • Sheet metal processing – NC punching, laser cutting and NC bending are used for relatively small order quantities. Tooling cost, if necessary, is low while the parts cost is relatively high.

  • Stamping – stamping process including variety of operations performed by customized tooling. Suitable for high volume production. Tooling cost can be high but parts cost is relatively low.


Secondary processes such as polishing or welding can be performed upon need. We can also combine sheet metal processing and CNC milling. No matter which production process we decided to perform, the parts can be finished with a choice of surface treatments or painting[IE1] [i2]  processes. We can also perform laser marking and silk print. We are working with the highest level fasteners manufacturers like PEM, PSM, Southco, Misumi as well as other local brands. We can also contact your preferred fasteners manufacturer, if required.


Mastering diverse production methods enables us to provide high-quality manufacturing solutions for both small and big order quantities in competitive prices.


Our certified and experienced assembly team can produce variety of assemblies – mechanical, electrical and optical. Our products are often used as sub-assemblies by our customers, and delivered to their production lines for final assembly. We also produce FRUs (Field Replacement Units) that are delivered directly to end customers around the world for repair and service.


We have developed a supporting system for the assembly line. Our engineering team handles all the technical communication with our customers, from receiving the BOMs, through creating PMP files and assembly instructions. Our purchasing team manages our supply chain using advanced ERP system, and is able to purchase any component, standard or customized, locally and overseas. Our inspection team ensures that all parts received to our warehouses, standard or customized, fully comply with the specs. Finally, our quality team implements a quality plan for each product to ensure that no non-conformed products are delivered to our customers.


Supported by the rest of the teams in Chen-Tech, our assembly team meet our mission and continuously delivers on-time, high-quality, competitively priced assemblies and FRUs.

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