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Quality is top priority at Chen-Tech. It is embedded in our culture. We have quality in mind at each and every decision making point.


We work together to ensure that every product delivered by Chen-Tech fully meets our customers requirements. We believe that every member of our team has a role in delivering high quality. Therefore, insisting on personal accountability and commitment to quality from every employee, along with orchestrated teamwork is what enables us to continuously provide world-class quality products.


We understand that earning our customers’ trust and respect can be achieved only by continuously providing high quality.

Quality inspection
Quality inspection
Quality inspection
Quality inspection
Quality inspection
Quality inspection
Quality inspection

Quality policy statement

Chen-Tech challenge mission is to be a worldwide leading provider of manufacturing solutions including precision machining parts, sheet metal assemblies and mechanical, electrical and optical assemblies.


Chen-tech is committed to provide products and services that fully satisfy our customer’s requirements. We seek for long term mutually beneficial business relationship with our customers. Thus, it is crucial for us to achieve overall customer satisfaction in terms of service, quality and on time delivery while maintaining competitive pricing.


Therefore, Chen-tech is obligated to –

  1. Delivering qualified products that meets our customer requirements.
  2. Providing quick and effective response for customer requests.
  3. Continuously improve the company working procedures and quality system.
  4. Continuously improve its personnel capabilities, work environment and satisfaction.
  5. Provide its personnel the appropriate infrastructures to complete their task.
  6. Strive to know the latest production technologies in its field, and use the most suitable production technology for each project to increase efficiency and precision.
  7. Develop long term business relations with its suppliers in order to improve the quality, on time deliver and price of the materials, products and services purchased.


To assist with the above, Chen Tech has implemented a Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.


Compliance and improvement is monitored by process measures and internal audits; it maintained by the timely implementation of preventive and corrective actions.


Meeting these standards is the responsibility of the entire team. Therefore, Chen Tech is committed to working with all stakeholders to support effective operation of the company’s Quality Management System and the achievement of goals and specific Quality Objectives.

Maor Turgeman

General Manager,

Chen-Tech Challenge

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