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Chen-tech is a contract manufacturer with expertise in mechanical parts production and mechanical assembly. Established in 2007 and registered in Hong Kong, Chen-tech has two main facilities – finance and logistics center in Hong Kong and operations facility in Guangzhou, China.


Our expertise is mechanical parts production and mechanical assembly. We specialize in different production technologies, including:

  • Precision machining parts

  • Precision turning parts

  • Sheet metal assembly

  • Aluminum sand casting, gravity die casting and die casting

  • Aluminum extrusions and heat sinks


We focus on high mix low volume production. In the last 12 years we developed unique methods and working processes that allow us to manager more than 5000 part numbers which we produce at averagely 50 units per batch.


Our customers are our most important asset. We partner with our customers to ensure their success, by offering a proactive approach and unique problem solving skills, along with vast knowledge and experience in mechanical assemblies, producing automation and accurate motion systems.


We are committed to the highest quality standards in our industry. Our proven track record of supplying superb quality products in competitive price and on-time delivery, has gained the trust of customers from the USA, Europe and the Middle East across various sectors - electro optics, accurate motion systems, digital printing, automation equipment and medical devices.


To help our customers achieve their business objectives by providing outstanding manufacturing and engineering solutions at an uncompromised quality, always on-time and in competitive prices.


To be a world leading provider of manufacturing solutions in our chosen markets.


To be able to ensure and maintain quality production in China, it’s not enough to have advanced engineering capabilities and innovative technology. We believe that real success is possible only when the company has a solid set of values that guides its way.

Chen-Tech is a value-driven company.  Our values have guided the company’s progress for the past 9 years and have positioned Chen-Tech at its current market-leading position.

1. Customer satisfaction is our first priority!  We are a customer-oriented company. Impossible does not exist in our lexicon. We proactively work with our customers to achieve even the most challenging manufacturing requirements. We welcome and appreciate customer feedback, and we strive to improve ourselves continuously to meet our customers’ expectations.


2. Quality  We work together to ensure that every product delivered by Chen-Tech fully complies with our customers’ requirements. We believe that everyone on our team have a role in delivering high quality. Therefore, insisting on personal accountability and commitment to quality from every employee, along with orchestrated teamwork is what enables us to continuously provide world-class quality products.


3. People  We respect our people. We are dedicated to creating a great work place for our employees – a challenging and rewarding work environment that enables them to fulfill their professional potential while enjoying financial stability and full social benefits. We treat each other with respect, and solve disagreements in a peaceful manner.


4. Integrity  We insist on open, honest and fair business relationship with our customers and business partners. We believe that this is the only way to do business and create long-term win-win relationships.


5. Flexibility  We think creatively in order to solve problems. We have procedures which we strictly follow but we keep an open mind to adjust ourselves to our customers’ changing requirements. We are not afraid of change. When we reach a dead-end – whether technological, operational, financial, logistic or any other – we find a creative solution. Always.


6. Dig into details  We understand that our success is determined by the details.That is why we strive for precision and perfection in every detail, not only of our highly-demanding products, but also of our customer service.


7. Risk Management  Instead of adjusting or reacting to an unexpected situation, we search, identify and eliminate risks that may prevent us from delivering our commitments in advance. From the moment we take in the project, we stay proactive in every aspect and manage the risks in order to meet the customer’s requirements and deliver the service or product on time.


8. Never ever give up!  We do not accept ‘No’ or ‘Impossible’ as an answer. There are many ways to achieve a goal, we will try each and every one until we find the best way. We will not rest until we achieve it. Our customers deserve an outstanding service, and we will do the impossible to provide it.

Chen-Tech Team
Chen-Tech Team

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Chen-Tech team building
Chen-Tech team building

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Chen-Tech team building
Chen-Tech team building

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Chen-Tech Team
Chen-Tech Team

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Since foundation, we have formed a highly-experienced and motivated team. Our team members are humble, detail-intentioned, firmly united and most importantly: we never ever give up!


Our team includes 8 engineers. Together, our engineers have more than 60 years’ experience in precision machining parts production and mechanical assembly.


We see ourselves as a family. We grow together; we respect each other and help each other improve. We are loyal to each other and to the company. We believe in our values and we practice them every day. We know that the stronger Chen-Tech become as a company, the stronger and more stable we become as individuals.


We strongly believe that by working together as a unified team, we can consistently provide better products and better service to our customers.


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